We will be accepting new membership applications in March. Please check back here at the beginning of March for further details.

At the beginning of March, contact details will be posted here and if you are interested you can send an email to register your interest. You will then be sent a membership application form which you will need to return together with two forms of ID. We will then arrange an induction day towards the end of March. this will provide instruction in the safe handling of firearms, following which you will be able to have a try at shooting. At the end of the induction, if you decide that you would like to take it further, you become a probationary member of the Club and you can then attend Tuesday evenings as often as you wish. If you decide that shooting isn't for you, there is nothing to pay and hopefully you have still had an enjoyable day.

Club rifles are available - these are provided free of charge. Typically the rifles are .22lr calibre. This has the advantage that ammunition is relatively cheap and there is no "kick" from the rifle.

Our membership fees are £225 per year. There are no weekly fees so the only additional thing you need to pay for is amunition, which is around £5 per box of 50. Typically you will get through 50 rounds in an evening.

If you progress to the point of getting your own firearm, the Club is open every day from 7-30am - 22-30.